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About our my Grit

for (Digital) Innovation

We are experts for learning and digital innovation with proven track records of helping organizations to achieve their desired outcomes. We've designed, implemented and evaluated learning environments in various fields of work. We created game-changing solutions, and data-driven approaches to enable our customers to foster innovation and drive digital transformation. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs, goals and objectives. With the help of our expertise and business network, we can leverage the digital transition to maximize your organization’s learning and unlock the power of digital innovation.

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Consulting Services

Digital Audit

We'll assess & challange your organization's digital competences and will focus on your processes.

Digital Strategy

We'll reflect the areas

of improvement & develop

a strategy to achieve your desired objectives.

We'll develop & implement strategies for leveraging digital technologies within your organization.

Design and Implementation


What is the advantage of hiring a consultant instead of doing it in-house?

With our outside perspective and specialized expertise, we are able to provide valuable insights, identify unseen areas of improvement and provide the guidance for a sound strategy.

What kind of deliverables are to be expected?

We offer comprehensive reports, incl. usability audits, design and development plans, digital strategy and marketing strategy. Our approach typically includes evaluation of tecnical demos.

How long will the project take and how long until results can be measured?

We carry out a holistic analysis of organisations' processes in five to seven weeks. Subsequent development of strategy, Tech-Demos, iterative implementation and reporting within 3-9 months.

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Early Reviews

They provided exceptional service with knowledgeable staff, and clear guidance, make it a reliable and high-quality service!

Rosa Maria Aguado, Beal and Harlow

They provided high quality work, and their team was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and provided clear guidance throughout the entire process.

Aaron Loeb, Tully and Drive

They were very responsive and accommodating to any changes I requested. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality digital consulting.

Saira Kohli, The Plew

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

- Alan Kay


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