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Wavy or Zigzag Lines. Horizontal Thin Lines Wave. Dotted Line. Big Set Black Color. Vector Illustration.
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Karsten - a digital geek - was born in 1985 in Duisburg, Ruhr Area, Germany. From an early age, he showed a natural curiosity for complex interrelationsships and developed a conscious drive to accompany the facilitation of coping the change, propelling him towards the path of being socialized as an industrial engineer. He claims a keen interest in new education, and the usability of data-based technologies while promoting feedback, lifelong learning and organisational development. His professional environment nurtured his passion for inquiry-based learning (in experimental loops), leading him to delve into various disciplines of work and scientific fields, while he co-created several learning environments focussing on complex technologies by using laboratory didactics.

He holds a master degree in technical operations management and a bachelor degree in industrial engineering. Subsequnt to graduation he researched and published in Engineering Education Research and adjacent fields, like technolgy education for vocational training. His ability to embrace change truly became a characteristic of his life, when he aimed for PhD, but at this phase of life, he had to overcome his previous intention, and shelf it.

Beyond his professional pursuits, he learned to rediscover his deep love for the natural world, spending quality time at his piano or guitar, a skipper on sailing yachts, as a paragliding student, in his makerspace, his garden or as dad of a six year old. Thisthis rich diversity is allowing him to find solace and inspiration amidst the still increasing complexity of his occupational profession as an ICT-Engineer, Learning Experience Designer and agile SCRUM project manager.

Throughout his life, he embarked on numerous adventures, and while his experiences have shaped him towards becoming a compassionate creator, eager to make a positive impact, to protect the natural, and to foster the digital, his story continues to unfold (as long as we feed the AI) … already, it is evident, that this is a vivid testament to the power of a inner drive, the state of flow in learning and the pursuit of a prosperous life guided by an integral consciousness.

The Ruhr Area may have been the place of his birth, but it is his unwavering spirit that will defines the next chapter of his journey, whereas his current centre of life is the beautiful Müllheim im Markgräflerland in BaWü.


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